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Children enter school during the school year in which they become five.   Present arrangements for admissions are as follows:

All children are allocated a full time place in our school during the academic year in which they are 5. Children are allocated a full time place at our school when they are 4 but do not have to take it until they are statutory required to in the term they are 5.

Arrangements are made for the parents of new entrants to visit the school when they may see the working conditions and meet their child's teacher and the head teacher. The children are also invited to see the school and familiarise themselves with their teacher, classroom and routine during the term before they enter the school full-time.  Details are forwarded to parents regarding these arrangements.

Pupils remain until their transfer to secondary education at the age of eleven.  Amotherby School is one of the "feeder' schools for Malton School.